Soak in the sound and sun. Ghost Hack is streaming live throughout the week from the Florida Keys. Listen in for free over at Mixify. I also post many of my live mixes online in case you miss my sets. Fan me over at mixfy to get updates. All of my shows and events are live. Ghost Hack believes in spontaneity and there are 0 prerecorded sets :-)



Music is my passion and it's something that I think about every moment of every day. Open your mind and come join me on a sonic journey through the world of EDM. 


I started DJing with two turntables and mixer but have since expanded into the infinite digital realm and now I primarily use Traktor and Ableton to perform with. I got rid of my CDJ's and every once in a while I'll poke around using Serato with my turntables.

*Warning Geek Speak Ahead*

 In this day and age it's all about the midi controllers. My favorite controller for Traktor is the Vestax VCI -400. It's a four channel mixer and has the best pots, faders and jog wheels in the business. It's definitely my workhorse and I pretty much bring it with me on every gig. I love the built-in sound card and RCA throughputs that enable me to have two external audio source as a redundancy. Basically my laptop can go up in flames and the performance will still go on instantaneously.  

When I perform with Ableton the sky is the limit and my setup is much more complex. When running Ableton I prefer to use an AKAI APC-40 in conjunction with a Launchpad and Novation Impulse midi keyboard. I prefer the silky smooth faders of a nice Vestax analog mixer (over the APC-40) and I'll also use one of my Native Instruments sound cards. If I'm really feeling creative I can add Serato to Ableton using the bridge.